HDR + COVID = Adapting to a New Normal

When COVID-19 was officially declared a pandemic back in March we all scrambled to adapt to the situation at hand! Ordering your groceries online, working from home, and online school all became a part of our new normal!

Health Dunn Right had to adapt as well! We had to find a way to still accomplish our goals while still get all of our members together to brain storm their amazing ideas!

Our solution was the same as many other work places, Zoom. Each Action Team and the Steering Committee still meet once a month via Zoom! It’s allowed us to continue our coalition work while protecting each other from a potential COVID-19 exposure!

What have we accomplished during this time?

  • Healthy Environment (HEAT) team has started a monthly newsletter and successfully transitioned a new co-chair into leadership!
  • Chronic Disease Prevention (CDP) has continued to post tips on maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle on our social media pages!
  • Alcohol, Nicotine, and Drug (AND) has TWO brand new co-chairs!
  • The Mental Health & Wellness (MH) team has put together a brochure specifically related to mental health services provided in Dunn County during COVID-19.
  • Our Housing (HAT) team has created a plan with the City to conduct a housing study in the future!
  • All five Action Teams have written grant proposals for the 2021 fiscal year!

Our plans and timelines may have changed but our Action Teams still remain successful and active!

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