Virtual Burn Out

Since March of 2020 pretty much everything has gone virtual; our classrooms, our workout classes, how we interact with loved ones, and so much more. Unfortunately, this form of communication can create a type of fatigue that we’re not used too!

To help avoid this burn out:

  • Avoid multitasking: If you were at an in person work meeting, you wouldn’t be working on four different projects on the side! Your attention would be given to the meeting. Do your best to be present by closing other internet tabs, silencing your phone, and put a pause on other projects.
  • Build in Breaks: When I started working from home, I didn’t feel like I could take breaks; this caused me to burn out quickly! Take time to get up and move around or stretch!
  • Switch to Phone Calls: While nothing beats face-to-face interactions, take a break from video chatting and give your loved ones a phone call for some social interaction!
  • Switch Offline: Online, optional, classes have made working out or learning a new skill from home extremely easy. Sometimes it might be best to work on things you already know how to do or do a simple home workout.

Zoom meetings and virtual classes aren’t going anywhere anytime soon; with that said, it’s important to remind yourself that you don’t always have to be “on”. It’s important to insure that you’re getting enough offline time in order to recharge and reset.

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