Alcohol, Nicotine, and Drug Action Team

AND is a team made up of concerned community members, content experts, and those with lived experience regarding Alcohol, Nicotine, and Drugs.

The team meets during the odd months of the year (January, March, May, ect.) on the fourth Wednesday of the month from 10:30 to 12:00.

Check out the fireside chats that are put on by the AND Team! These chats are all about recovery from a lived experience point of view! This is the first chat but make sure to check out the rest at this link!

Properly disposing of prescription medication is an important part of protecting your family and yourself. Check out this link to find out where you can dispose of them in Dunn County!

Are you in need of a Sharps Disposal location? Check out this link to learn more about where to dispose of sharps safely.

Want more information? Contact our team co-chairs!
Kris Korpela,

AND Meeting Minutes & Agendas

January 26th, 2022
February 2022

No Meeting

March 23rd, 2022
April 27th, 2022

No meeting

May 25th, 2022
June 2022

No Meeting

July 27th, 2022
August 2022

No Meeting

September 2022
October 2021

No Meeting

November 24th, 2021
December 29th, 2021

No Meeting