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Housing Action Team

Housing Action Team sees multiple strategies key to meeting their current goal

The Housing Action Team has created one solid objective with multiple strategies to help them reach that goal. The Housing Action Team is also partnering with JONAH in Eau Claire to share ideas and help create affordable housing across the Chippewa Valley. 

  • Objective 1: Increase the number of rental units for house hold at or below 30% of the county median income.
    • Strategy 1: Determine the number of rental units in Dunn County at or below 30% of the County median income.
    • Strategy 2: Create (if needed)/offer “Being a good tenant” and “Being a good landlord” class/classes
    • Strategy 3: “Yes In My Backyard” video campaign/outreach
    • Strategy 4: Create an incentive program for landlords via case management services, a fund to pay damage deposits and/or establishing clean up crews that would pack up left behind items or physically clean rentals.
    • Strategy 5: Develop working relationships with local government and economic development efforts to raise awareness about the need for affordable housing and how to create more rental units at or below 30% of median income.